Edd Charmant
Released on iOS, Android and Windows 8 PC phones and tablets
Music & some sound design/sfx composed & produced by Edd Charmant for 'The Power Game' is currently released on iOS, Android and Windows 8 PC phones and tablets ...
Game by Atom Split Games. Ireland.
Currently working on music for the Power Game production by AtomSplitGames.
My track 'Hot Tubs And Lubricants' gets placed in HBO's Working Girls In Bed production.
Music library
I became a Permanently Featured Artist at AudioSparx today!

Film music track
SENSELESS BLOODSHED entered the Ireland Top 10 at Broadjam in June and also got considered to feature as soundtrack in a film in post-production...!

Check out the Ireland Top 10 at http://www.broadjam.com/browse/songs/top10/?l0=g&l1=231
New Electro funk house album
Currently putting final production touches to new the Electro-funk-house album.
Its gonna be on iTunes, AmazonMp3 etc very very soon.
Check out a promo clip on YouTube:-)
Winning Becks Vier commercial competition
Results of Becks Vier competition announced yesterday.
We WON!!!!!
This means TV broadcast of 30 second Becks Vier commercial directed by Jordan Ballantine and music my yours truely:-)
Helping out friends:-))
A young director called yesterday "Edd!, could u 'slap some music' on a BECK's Vier ad competition I'm submitting to in A FEW HOURS!!!?!..."
So a couple of hours later,its done & he submits his piece... check it out urself:-)

HBO Special...coming soon...fingers crossed
Almost 6 months after submitting my 'sexy & sophisticated' music to one of my U.S music publishers, my cheeky 'electro-funky-smooth' track titled 'Hot Tubes & Lubricants' has been picked up today for a HBO Special docu film production on 'working girls'.
Best of all, production company will credit moi on the show when released.... very unusual but very Nice, very very nice:-)
Access Hollywood music
Access Hollywood using music only weeks after signing with one of their music publishers! Better still is this morning's request for more music!! Feels good when patience & perseverance always pay off in this saturated industry. Tres tres happy that I've to share :-))
Disney animated feature
Music composed and produced by Edd Charmant

Hyderabad, Dec. 24 (ANI-Business Wire India): Disney Channel has announced the premiere of Feluda - The Kathmandu Caper on January 1, 2011 as the special New Year treat for all Disney fans.

The title is the first ever animated TV movie based on one of India's best loved detective series - Feluda, by globally acclaimed Oscar winning director, author Satyajit Ray.

The story of The Kathmandu Caper is fast paced, invigorating and action packed.
Been a busy year!

Many positive results from all the years of struggle for music jobs.

Scored a Disney animated spy action/adventure feature!
Hoping the promises (made by the producers during hiring stage), of scoring the tv series will come true...

Signed with more top music libraries in the USA and UK.
Made a few contacts with some pretty nice individuals in the industry.

A phone call last week from a UK kids tv production company might be the begining of some steady income from music...but early stages yet and the main producer has to approve of my musical style first...hmmm, about time things started going well I think...so fingers crossed all through the christmas holidays for positive news...
Finally, thanks to all who stayed in touch, commented and downloaded music from itunes etc.. Thank you.
MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL and the very best for 2011 :-)
Another short film's score completed
A very talented young film director hoping to get his film into festivals (and hopefully beyond)contacted me last week and after watching his short film once through, I had to say yes to composing & producing score for him.
Yes, another freebie but talent like his is rare so after most of the night performing all piano and string parts to this very simple score, I've sent it and hope he likes it as I do.
Wishing him the very best.
Will update on progress of his film.
Meanwhile, take a listen to theme music "Spare Change"
Disney Feature - August 2010
I checked my spam inbox in June and one email stuck out.
It was a music job opportunity. Finally, someone - a film producer/director in this case - had actually been searching the web for a composer to score a feature in post production. She actually stopped searching after listening to some samples of mine and sent me the email.

So I re-read the email over several times and cross checked all the references made to be sure this was not spam.

This company makes, amongst other productions, animated movies for Disney.

So after a few calls to introduce ourselves, I signed the contract and started the score for a full length animated feature.

The deadline was a real killer. BUT, I managed it. The theme track got accepted after 3 rewrites. When the score was accepted right away, I knew I had done a good job. So time to wait for some pay - right? Wrong!

In the first week of August I recieved an email. Disney had asked for some changes to the first 15 - 20mins of the film. This then changed the timing and feel of the score. The title theme had also been dropped by Disney for an earlier demo I had sent and got rejected.

For there to be continuity in the music production, I realised I had to redo the entire score production before I was asked to by the directors.

But this is Simple...Right?
Not so simple if it has to be done properly.

The original score had been based on the original title theme music as was the musical direction. With the change of theme music to an earlier demo, I had to basically rewrite the score to reflect the current theme music and tempo of the reworked visuals...and as with everything in the movie world, it had to be done and delivered yesterday!

I just uploaded the entire score rewrite to the clients...
Now for a little bier and sleep...
National Geographic, Discovery and many others
I just noticed from reports sent by my production libraries/publishers around the world that, my music is now featuring in numerous productions broadcast on channels such as National Geographic, Discovery and many others...
Nice one!!!!!!
Aoife's Prophecy album on itunes & amazon mp3
Aoife's Prophecy was originally composed more than a decade ago.
Some tracks were later picked up by a director friend of mine & used as score for her multimedia travel/docu DVD production for the Irish tourist industry.
I later got emails from around the world enquiring about the music. If there was a complete album of the tracks. Most of these requests came from Spainish, Italian and US visitors to Ireland. They had bought DVD postcards from various tourist shops around Ireland and had 'fallen in love' with the music. Naturally, I was quite pleased and excited about the prospect of people from around the world taking the time to email after hearing my music on this particular DVD postcard production. Its taken me all this time to find the courage to properly produce this newage/cinematic music album.
Its got all the celtic instrumental elements but I couldnt help lacing the music with some elements from my african background. The final result is a blend of african, celtic, electro and contemporary film orchestral motifs.
'Its like a dream' as one of my fans told me and 'a great listen'.
Check it out on itunes or amazon mp3. You might also find it a great relaxing, background music... Hope you enjoy it.
Love Addiction & Falling Apart albums on itunes
I finally gave in to all the requests from numerous fans and friends to make my 'Love Addiction' and 'Falling Apart' albums (amongst others)available for download on itunes and amazon mp3.
For lovers of that ambient lush cinematic and mellow trip hop sound, these tracks will surely delight.
The music is moody, reflecting the subject matter of acute lose and broken hearts. It has very simple melodies. These are often repeated and varied from track to track to tell the stories in the titles. I was striving for something simple and very emotional so the titles are self explainatory and help with the musical journey.
Lyrics were originally written for these tracks but were discarded instead for wordless vocalize samples. These vocalize samples helped to convey the 'possible lyrics' of the music better than the lyrics themselves which often took over the music sometimes.
I've always believed that (short of writting great poetry...which I cannot do:-)), words sometimes fail to describe pain or hurt as well as a cry or wordless sounds, screams and groans.
I hope you spread the word about these albums and download them for yourselves. Many years and life experiences went into their creation and composition. You'll like them or hate them. Either way, I hope you listen without prejudice.
'ELVES NIGHT OFF' christmas single had a few downloads from itunes over the christmas period. Thanks to everyone who did so.

As with every seasonal tune, this track's gonna be around for a long time and we'll hear about it again when the fat bearded guy leaves the north pole to deliver the presents again ... and gives the hard working elves their night off ;-)
Thanks again to all the fans who downloaded it from itunes, amazon mp3, etc.
Your support is very much appreciated.
New Holiday season track!
The new track 'ELVES NIGHT OFF' (aka 'Club S Claus') just went up for sale online for the christmas/new year holidays...
Mix of latin, electro and dance. Instant feel good tune that makes you wanna dance along. Instrumental so everyone can sing along with their own funky lyrics...
March 28th
Its all calm. Not much film and TV work. Times are changing and thankfully,it keeps changing. So its time to research & create as many diverse styles as possible and experiment with newer, fresher approaches to composing, arranging, orchestration and final production...
Currently writing, remixing and editing (new tracks) to various album projects including the album trilogy, Luchia's Symphony, Love Addiction & Falling Apart. There's going to be music for every kind of listener but when? :-))

Take care everyone...
Feb 2009
Wow, its been that long!

This year started off really busy. There was so many projects to pitch to. Many tracks got through to the directors/producers. Now its waiting to see if they'll actually use the music.

My 'Love Addiction' track was used in the film 'The Master Plan' completed last month. It was directed by Aron Campisano. Track works great in the film. Very proud moment for me:-))

I just started scoring an indie film by a US director. First time working with this director but he seems really cool. It promises to be a really good feature. The musical approach and style is an orchestral trip hop mix. Absolutely great. I'll naturally update once the project's finished and out on release.

The days are getting longer and warmer. Great time of the year:-)
Peace Keeping force 1 selected
Yes, my composition ''peace keeping force 1'' was selected last month by one of the libraries for a film/tv music production album . Nice. uh huh.
Signed in the blank space
Just signed the non exclusive contract which arrived in the mail today...
Its a good feeling...
Always getting better...
New contract
A pretty big library in the UK just contacted me this week and...?
Well, you guessed right. They want to sign some orchestral music that I sent them through TAXI...
Good news for me!
1 more library deal
I just signed it last week. That makes 6 to date...Many more to come, I can feel it...
RedWire BlueWire gets festival and cinema premier showing
Yes! the short film RedWire BlueWire is showing at the Galway film festival this summer and will also premier at Dublin city's Savoy cinema on the 1st of August 06...
Why am I telling you this? Well because I composed the score and it was a fun experience with a lot of artistic freedom given me by Jason the director...
Check out the director's site at www.brothersgonnaworkitout.com
2 more libraries!
My target to try and work with as many libraries out there as possible is slowly ...very slowly...begining to happen...
I'm in the process of signing with 2 more libraries in the USA...
Will tell you after the deal goes through...fingers crossed!
RedwireBluewire film
The short film REDWIRE BLUEWIRE that I worked on as music composer/producer is finally completed. It looks great! The music fits the very fast action sequences. The best thing for me was finding out that the director had used my music ''Seige 1_trailer'' to score his promo trailer online...
To check this out, go online and log onto www.redwirebluewire.com and review it in stereo...its only a few seconds long...
Go on, take a look and let me know what you think of the music...
New film Project
A young Irish director/ producer just got in touch...he liked the stuff he'd heard on my website especially the action & suspense pieces. Ok, in a nut shell...he poped over into the studio last week with a offline edit of the short film.
Its great!
Stay tuned...its gonna be out there soon...I am scoring the entire piece plus part of the audio fx and sound design!
It will be great fun!
So I'll let you know
DVD postcards project News
This production is very popular in the tourist shops all over Ireland!
The music is xlnt naturally. There's been many enquiries about the music I wrote for this project. On 1st hearing it, many people had thought the dvd postcard production used some epic film's score as soundtrack...
Well, its all my humble creation. It was a great experience working both as composer and music editor/producer...
In short, its been a sucessful project. There'll be more to come I've been told by the director...

Outta here