Edd Charmant
Edd successfully composed & produced music score to Disney channel's action mystery animated feature "Feluda - The Kathmandu Caper". The title is the first ever animated TV movie based on one of India's best loved detective series - Feluda, by globally acclaimed Oscar winning director, author Satyajit Ray.

Edd's music also features frequently in many programs & promos especially on Discovery & Nat-Geographic channels.

Influenced by the works of S. Rachmaninov, E. Morriconne, D. Elfman & Massive Attack, Edd's music is rich in texture, with often moody melodies that convey a strong sense of apprehension & anticipation. His uncomplicated & catchy arrangments/ orchestrations gives his music great accessibility to both listener & filmmaker.

Edd is a very exciting, talented & prolific composer with well-crafted, dramatic & compelling musical ideas.
His compositions exhibit great maturity & an incredible understanding for the dynamics of emotion.